Beware Gigabyte's @BIOS!

Bundled with Gigabyte motherboards is a small utility called "@BIOS", which purports to have the ability to update the motherboard BIOS from within Windows, XP or Vista. A lot of "advanced" computer users tend to be wary of such a proposition, but Toshiba laptop BIOSes actually do have this functionality and it works quite well.

Unfortunately, Gigabyte's tool does not work as expected. I tried to update my BIOS from within Windows Vista, with no other programs running, and the program crashed in the middle of flashing the ROM. Fortunately, I expected that my board would be dead, so I looked some stuff up on Google before I rebooted. Posts on some forums told me that the BIOS would auto-recover an image from the hard drive, so I downloaded Gigabyte's latest BIOS from their website and put it on the root of my drive. I was lucky; when I rebooted, the BIOS found the image and was able to recover itself.

Lesson learned? Avoid @BIOS like the plague.


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