Blizzard Rox.

I just found out about (old news) the Starcraft 1.15.2 patch, otherwise known as the "officially-sponsored no-CD patch". I wish more game companies would follow this example and realize that copy protection is useless: no matter how advanced, gamers figure out ways to avoid copy protection, and it just causes problems for innocent and legitimate users anyway.

On the other side of the coin, more gamers should just grow up and realize that companies do want to get paid for making games, and that they should think about maybe paying for their games every once in a while. Take the advice found in no-CD crack READMEs to heart: if you like this game, please consider purchasing it. If both sides of the "battle" work together, we can maybe end this ridiculous anti-consumer nonsense.

Still, it would be nice if more game companies would patch their games like this. Preferably a little sooner after their game is released too!


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