DDvorak, a programmer's keyboard layout

Something I discovered today: DDvorak, a keyboard layout loosely based on Dvorak which caters specifically to developers or programmers. There's a layout tester on the same site that measures the overall efficiency of various typing layouts with any text that you choose.

DDvorak, on first glance, is a completely unorthodox typing layout. It requires comma as a dead key for many symbols, and AltGr as a modifier for many others. Additionally, many things are moved to unconventional locations (BackSpace is where 'B' is on QWERTY keyboards, for example). However, the layout tester consistently measures the efficiency of DDvorak as significantly higher than either Dvorak or Colemak, no matter whether typing English or code.

I think I'm going to have to give DDvorak a try, soon, if only I could figure out how to radically change keyboard layouts in X.org... of course, it's easy with Windows. It wouldn't be Windows if there weren't a tool for everything.


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