Bad marketing gimmicks

Some of the stuff that Logitech has been putting out recently is certifiably gimmicky. For example, the wireless trackball mice (Cordless Trackman Optical) that Logitech makes. The whole point of a trackball is that it stays put on your desk: only the ball moves! Why, then, is it made wireless? Wireless mice are cool because the cord doesn't get in the way when it moves along with the mouse, but the trackball base doesn't move! Logitech's site even calls the wireless feature "convenient" - I personally don't think that needing to change batteries for a feature that the device doesn't require is convenient.

One more seemingly-useless Logitech feature: the G15 keyboard's LCD. Gamers that would buy the G15 keyboard - most likely MMO players and, to a lesser extent, FPS players. The G15's most outstanding feature is its plethora of assignable macro keys, which makes it wonderful for, say, WoW. Why, though, would you look down from the game on your monitor to check some dimly-lit stats on your keyboard LCD? Seems pointless to me.

Don't get me wrong: Logitech is a wonderful peripheral company. They make what I consider to be the world's best general-purpose mice (Dell's basic USB mouse included with their desktops, my personal favorite, was1 made by Logitech). They make relatively good, usable keyboards, sometimes with a touch of my preferred minimalistic style (DiNovo Edge). And, despite arguments between Logitech, Razer, and now Microsoft users about which gaming mouse is the best, there's no doubt that Logitech's, especially the G5, are among the top gaming mice available. It's just that nobody really wants to spend extra money buying features that are completely unnecessary.

  1. I’m not entirely sure that it is anymore; I don’t have this information.


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