Personal build - ultra-silent, uATX, gaming - part 2

I finally received my new motherboard and installed it into my computer. It runs quite well, quite cool, and very quiet. Here's the final details on the quiet cooling system:


  • 2 x quiet 60mm fans behind the CPU cooler
  • 1 x SilenX 60mm fan next to video card, doubles as case exhaust
  • 1 x 120mm fan in PSU, helps move air through CPU cooler
  • 1 x Arctic Cooling 90mm PWM fan on other side of CPU cooler


  • Thermaltake Big Typhoon (modified) on CPU (removed fan and fan mount)
  • Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 on video card
  • Tuniq Sanctum hard drive silencer/cooler

Effectiveness? CPU temperatures at 37-40 degrees C at idle. Not too shabby, I suppose. I'm planning to use (and already using) this machine for some serious computer work, including 3D programming and graphics. I've actually recently installed Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, and I'm finding C# (and Microsoft's IDE) to be an incredibly powerful and intuitive language. I think I might switch to using C# indefinitely, until someone writes a decently simple and powerful IDE for D, my cross-platform language of choice. Oh, and fix X11 and give us one windowing toolkit that works and has amazing graphical tools while you're at it, please?

I'm also running VMware server (and having lots of problems with that...) with an Ubuntu 8.04 Server guest, to handle my requisite Apache and MySQL stuff, and also to keep up with the very few Linux-only softwares I use.


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