Firefox bookmark shortcuts

This is a neat trick I found in Firefox. This works at least in Firefox 3 and may also work in Firefox 2; I do, however, encourage you to upgrade if you're still using Firefox 2, as the third release brings about many needed enhancements in performance and memory usage. Using a bookmark, one can turn the location bar into a sort-of command parser, thereby creating a sort of "keyboard shortcut" for that bookmark. This in effect allows you to create your own custom "keyboard shortcuts" or "location bar commands". Here's an example of how it works. Say I want to create a shortcut for Google Image Search. I can go to the Image Search page, and right click the box, and select "Add a keyword for this search":

Enter some name for your search; the name doesn't matter. (Alternatively, you could simply create a new bookmark; its target ("location") should be something like, where %s represents what will be searched on. Right-click the bookmark you just created and click "properties".) This dialog box will pop up:

In "keyword", type the "command" that you wish to use to access this shortcut. In this case, I would use something like "imgs" or "is". One-letter keywords do not seem to work very well. Once you have entered the keyword and closed the dialog, you can type in the location bar (press CTRL+L to get there quickly):

imgs cute puppies

Press enter, and behold your search unfolding before your eyes.


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