New Website Design 2012

As you can tell, I'm in the process of completely redesigning the website! There are still a lot of rough edges--commenting isn't supported yet, old posts look somewhat unpolished, etc.--but be patient and everything will be running smoothly again in a few weeks. The two big changes:

  1. New design (lots more whitespace), subject to change
  2. Rewritten backend software (makeblog)

The new backend software? The site used to be run on WordPress, but for this iteration I wrote a static blog generator called makeblog. I've tried to keep the URLs consistent with WordPress-generated ones, so that existing links don't break. The big reason is that my hosting, being shared, doesn't really support PHP accelerators, so WordPress ends up being quite slow. Hopefully this static blog will improve latency overall.

Eventually it will be "mostly" static, transparently supporting commenting. Other soon-to-be-added features:

  • Archives by month
  • Twitter, YouTube integration
  • Full site search

If this software sounds interesting to you, check out the project on GitHub.

This screenshot shows what the old design looked like (from 2008!).


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