Enjoy2: mapping joystick inputs to keyboard and mouse events

Update 2: I've written a short tutorial for using Enjoy2 to map a PS3/Xbox-style gamepad for Minecraft.

Update: I have released a minor update, Enjoy2 v1.2, which stores the configuration files as portable JSON files. This makes it much easier to transfer configurations between computers and between user accounts. Use your gamepad to control video games on multiple computers!

Enjoy2 is a small OSX program to map joystick/gamepad/controller inputs to keyboard and mouse events. I wanted to play some video games (Minecraft, Torchlight) on my computer with a gamepad (I find it less fatiguing than a mouse), but neither of those games supports gamepads or controllers natively. Enjoy2 makes it possible to play these and other mouse/keyboard-only games with a gamepad. The only FOSS solution to this problem I could find online was the original enjoy, which supports mapping:

  • Buttons to keyboard events
  • Buttons to switch configurations

And which can also map the ends of the analog axes (i.e. triggered based on a threshold value) to those actions. Unfortunately enjoy has no mouse support, so I started a new project based on it which aims to add:

  • Analog axes mapping to mouse movement
  • Buttons mapping to mouse clicks

Because I am running OS X 10.7, I could only compile Enjoy2 for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) systems or newer. Check out the GitHub repository or get the latest version of Enjoy2 now.


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